Dave's Organic Gardening  - Serving Goleta, Santa Barbara, Monecito and Carpinteria

Howdy! My name is Dave Hunsaker and I love to garden!  I am lucky enough to live on the south coast and run Dave's Organic Gardening. We've updated our website, please visit Davesorganicgardening.com

Dave Hunsaker, owner and operator of Dave's Organic Gardening I provide
Dependable & Sustainable,
Green & Organic,
Gardening & Landscaping services
right here in beautiful
Santa Barbara...

and I'm here to help you!

As soon as I graduated from the Green Gardener  class and I was inspired to create a gardening business that was Organic, Water Wise and Sustainable.

Living in Santa Barbara, I noticed that there are a lot of conscious and environment-friendly people living in the area.  Many people purchase foods from the farmers market and Organic super markets.  But I also noticed there wasn't too many sustainable, organic gardeners to choose from.  Many still using back pack blowers, taking tons of grass and leaves to the dump, and doing the same old stuff, not in line with the "Organic" movement in Southern California.

So, I decided to make a change and specialize in organic gardening, building soil and design and install water wise landscapes and rain gardens!

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