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Dave Hunsaker, owner and operator of Dave's Organic Gardening
Howdy! My name is Dave Hunsaker and I run Dave's Organic Gardening.

I provide
Dependable & Sustainable,
Green & Organic,
Gardening & Landscaping services
right here in beautiful
Santa Barbara...

and I'm here to help you!

As soon as I graduated from the Green Gardener  class and I was inspired to create a gardening business that was Green, Organic and Sustainable.

Living in Santa Barbara, I noticed that there are a lot of conscious and environment-friendly people living in the area.  Many people purchase foods from the farmers market and Organic super markets.  But I also noticed there wasn't too many sustainable, green gardeners to choose from.  Many still using back pack blowers, taking tons of grass and leaves to the dump, and doing the same old stuff, not in line with the "Organic" movement in Southern California.

So, I decided to make a change and specialize in green builds and  maintenance to organically take care of your garden & landscape.

With my help, you too can make a change for the better...

If your overall goal is to leave less of an impact on the ecosystem as possible, then you've found the right gardener! 

Also as a trusted business, I am a proud member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ record.

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Listen to what a satisfied client says about Dave's Organic Gardening...

"I recently hired Dave to care for our garden. After  I explained to Dave, what I wanted, we negotiated how much time he would need.  I was so pleased when upon his next visit, he remembered and completed each task I had requested. 
Our yard is beginning to look cared for and he is bringing it back to its original glory.  He is a really nice guy to have around, a good listener and I am able to text/email him, any requests I have for ongoing work!  I feel like I have an ally in the garden, someone who cares as much as I do.  He is on time, fairly priced and honest."-
   Geri R.-Santa Barbara Resident

Check out our Organic Services below:

Designs & Consultations-

  • "Organic Gardening" Yard Evaluation (only $99
  • "Right Plant, Right Place" Designs
  • Sprinkler Checks and Evaluations
  • Improvements, Additions, & Redesigns

Smart Builds-I build raised beds, veggie beds, compost bins and much much more....

Raised Vegetable GardenRaised Gardens & Beds
  • Build Veggie Planters Big and Small
  • Drought Resistant Sod Installation
  • 'Water-Saving' Sprinkler Systems installed
  • Pathways & Water features
  • Rock wall construction
  • Build Compost Bins
  • Install California native plants & water-wise plants
  • Install Edible plants to your landscape and food forests.

Organic Maintenance-

Dave's Organic Gardening maintenance client
  • Maintain your Lawn & Garden
  • Grass Recycling & Composting
  • Low Emission Grass cutting
  • Maintain your Hedges & Weeds
  • Maintain your Sprinklers & Drip irrigation
  • Reduced waste going to the landfill

proper pruning
  • Maintain your Rose Garden
  • Maintain your Trees & Shrubs
  • Maintain Organic Compost & Mulch
  • Maintain your Compost Bins
  • Maintain your Rainwater Tanks/Barrels
  • Maintain your Sprinklers & Drip irrigation
  • Maintain your Pests (Integrated Pest    Management)

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And Enjoy your weekend!

  • Enjoy an organic landscape with a clean conscious knowing that you are helping the environment, not destroying it.

  • Sleep better knowing that you've hired a green, conscious and local gardener who cares about the environment.

  • Enjoy your beautiful, green and organic landscape year round and feel good about hiring an organic gardener!

Dave volenteering and applying compost tea for a water wise garden.
A green & organic landscape is just a phone call away!

Call Dave today!

(805) 637-0404

Enjoy your weekends and live care free knowing you are helping the environment and living a greener lifestyle today...

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